Aluminum gravity casting

Aluminum gravity casting and sand casting process is  better to avoid porosity inside casting after secondary machining.

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Aluminum alloy casting technology in our country has a very wide range of applications: multi functional aluminum alloy manufacturing machine, aluminum alloy gravity casting mold, aluminum alloy water cooling plate, aluminum alloy manufacturing process CAD/CAE technology, etc..

Aluminum alloy casting technology; aluminum alloy water cooling plate; CAD/CAE technology. Cast aluminum alloy as the traditional metal materials, due to its low density, high strength, widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries. With the development of modern industry and new casting technology, the requirement of casting aluminum alloy is more and more large.

The research of casting aluminum alloy has attracted much attention, because the melting point of aluminum alloy is relatively low, so many scholars have studied the mechanism of casting process. At the same time, in order to fully exert the potential of aluminum alloy, the research on smelting technology and casting process of aluminum alloy is more. In addition, many special casting aluminum alloy have been developed.