Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum casting Process are classified as Ingot casting or Mould casting. During the first process, primary or secondary aluminium is cast into rolling ingot (slab), extrusion ingot (billet) and wire bar ingot which are subsequently transformed in semi- and finished products.

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Aluminum Alloy sand casting process. The Aluminum Alloy sand casting of stomatal defects and eliminating Aluminum Alloy blowhole defect exploration of sand casting.

Casting is a kind of metal thermal processing technology, which has a history of about 6000 years. Chinese in about 1700 BC to 1000 has entered into between the bronze casting heyday, the process has reached.

When high level. Casting is refers to the room temperature for liquid but shortly after the solidification of a substance into specific shape of the mold to be the solidification processing mode. Is cast material for formerly solid but heated to a liquid metal (for example: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead), and mold material can is sand, metal and ceramics. Due to different requirements, the use of the method will be different.

The second process is used in the foundries for producing cast products. This is the oldest and simplest (in theory but not in practice) means of manufacturing shaped components.