Green Sand Casting

These molds are made of wet sands that are used to make the mold's shape. The name comes from the fact that wet sands are used in the molding process.

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There are six basic steps for Green Sand Casting:

1) look into the sand into a mold.
2) the prototype and sand together in the pouring system.
3) look out.
4) fill up the gap of the mold with melted metal.
5) let the metal cool.
6) the sand mould casting out off.

Sand mold manufacturing, with a bottomless, caps and sand around the frame, to prevent sand incompletely real-time outward extrusion, this framework is called sand box, sand box effect is easy to shape, easy to flip sand and transporting sand. Sand box can be fastened with in which the ramming sand, its walls can bear the side pressure of the liquid metal of molding sand, sand box attached to a type of alignment device and hoisting turnover box and a clamping installed to do whether it is reasonable for the structure and size of the sand box, to obtain high quality castings, increase productivity, reduce labor intensity has a important significance. In the choice of sand box big hour, according to the size of the size and quantity to set. That is to say, the appearance should have enough to eat sand amount (like edge and the inside wall of the flask distance), eat sand amount is too small, Chung is not tight, sand strength low, easy to cause sand washing, box leakage; eat sand amount is too large, waste manpower and sand, reduced productivity. Sand box selection is more appropriate, should be based on the specific circumstances.