Die Casting

Die casting is a manufacturing process that can produce geometrically complex metal parts through the use of reusable molds, called dies.

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Die casting is a kind of precision casting method which uses the high pressure force to melt the metal into the shape of complex metal mold.

Pressure casting, referred to as die casting, is a molten alloy liquid into the pressure chamber, with high speed filling of steel mold cavity, and the alloy liquid in the pressure of solidification and casting method. The main characteristic of die casting is different from other casting methods, which is high pressure and high speed.

The metal liquid is filled in the cavity under pressure, and in the higher pressure crystallization solidification, the common pressure is 15 - 100MPa.

Metal liquid to the high speed filling cavity, usually in 10 - 50 meters / sec, and some can be more than 80 meters / seconds, through the gate into the cavity of the line speed - ingate speed), so the liquid metal filling time is very short, about

0.2 - 0.01 seconds (to be different from the size of the casting) can fill the cavity.

Die cast parts can vary greatly in size and therefore require these measures to cover a very large range. As a result, die casting machines are designed to each accommodate a small range of this larger spectrum of values. Sample specifications for several different hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines are given below.