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Silica Sol precision casting process, a variety of carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and other parts of the bulk processing, products cover aircraft, ships, cars, medicine, chemical industry and civil and other industries.

Silicon sol casting with high size precision, good surface quality, etc., is a widely used less, no cutting of the advanced technology by silicon sol casting method can be a lot of frugal machine tool equipment and working hours.

Substantial savings in raw materials. Silicon sol casting is a widely used precision casting method in the field of precision casting, which can effectively reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of precision casting enterprises. Casting is one of the most important steps in the casting of silica sol. Then, what are the common methods of casting?

1 crystallization under pressure
The shell is placed in the pressure tank for pouring, after the end, immediately close the pressure tank, to the tank through the high-pressure air or inert gas, so that the casting under pressure to increase the density of the casting.

2 vacuum suction casting
Will shell placed in vacuum pouring box, through a tiny pore sucking type cavity in a shell of gas, liquid metal can better filling cavity, copy the shape of the cavity, improve the accuracy of the castings, prevent the pores, misrun defect. This method is more common in foreign countries.

3 oriented crystallization
Some investment castings such as turbine blade, the magnetic steel, etc., if their crystal structure is arranged in a certain direction of columnar crystals, their performance can improve a lot, so melt mold casting directional solidification technology is rapidly developed.

4 heat type gravity casting
This is one of the most widely used form of casting, that is, the shell from the roasting furnace removed, at high temperatures by pouring.

Process feature:
1. Advanced production technology:
2. Low cost, high efficiency
3. Process maturity
4. Equipment reliable/failure rate below 5%
5. System stability
6. SHE reach government's requirement
7. System main production equipment description