Lost wax casting

Sometimes called by the French name of cire perdue or the Latin cera perduta, is the process by which steel is casted; in industrial uses, the modern process is called investment casting.

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Modern technology of wax pattern not only direct engraving of the wax, can also through the original metal mold (version) silicone molding to obtain female die, followed by silica gel Yin mold wax injection get wax. Casting materials are no longer clay, but cast in plaster. Such products are much finer than ancient castings.

Lost wax casting process is: pressing rubber mold glue mold - wax injection (mode), trim the wax models (welding wax) -- kind of Fraxinus chinensis (weighing), plaster cylinder filling gypsum vacuum - gypsum natural coagulation -- baking gypsum, gold smelting, casting -- fried gypsum -- rinse, pickling, cleaning (
(weighing) - blank shearing rolling light)Lost wax casting is also called precision casting. Art is also used in this way pouring. Most of the ancient works of art are of this kind.
Materials: wax, shell making refractory materials (such as quartz sand and bauxite, etc.), binder, such as a glass of water, ethyl silicate, silica sol

Alloy Steel:ASTM 430;ASTM410;ASTM 416,ect.Carbon Steel:WCB,AISI1020;AISI1045;S355J2G3,S235JR,ect.Stainless Steel:SS304;SS316;SS316L;17-4 PH;ect.Copper:C21000;C26800;C27000;C27200,ect.